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People And Systems Working For You

Our Story

The Jones family got into the business back in the 1980s and have successfully converted a number of “rubbish” businesses into recycling businesses. 

 “We have a simple business model,” says Mike Jones, owner.  “We offer a bin and bag collection service for garden waste and we make it a pleasure for our customers.

“We’ve got a nice scale. I know the members of the team personally, but we’re also big enough to have top equipment and professional systems. That works well for our customers, our company and the environment.”

Things were particularly proud of are:

  • At Greenfingers, we convert nearly 100% of waste into life-enriching compost.
  • Greenfingers is one of the leading garden waste recycling firms in New Zealand.
  • We are wholly Kiwi-owned and operated.
  • We are constantly searching out new ways to be a greener business
  • We offer high-quality customized service to the people of Waikato, Hamilton, Auckland, Tauranga and other communities.

Technology That Helps Us All

Keeping fuel costs down and getting our crews around their routes more efficiently is good for everyone. Greenfingers uses a variety of technologies and strategies to do this.

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The Mike Jones Story

Not many 17-year-olds buy companies and even fewer were into recycling in the 1980s but that’s exactly what Mike Jones was and did back in 1989. 

“I had been reading a fair bit about the environment and really wanted to get into recycling because I thought I could improve things.  My parents and I looked at a local rubbish company and realised that most of the “rubbish” was actually green and recyclable so we bought the company and steadily moved it away from general waste to recycling. 

Not a lot of people were doing it in those days.  It was hard work at first but the whole movement and recognition of the importance of recycling has grown.

Our customers have grown in number and our technology and systems have improved along the way and we can do more with the waste than 30 years ago but it’s still very much a people business.  It’s important to stay close to the staff, close to the customers and every day turn up to work and deliver a high-quality and fairly individualised service.”

Wendy Ngaropo

Customer Services and Telemarketing Manager

“I’ve been at Greenfingers a long time, and I know it is passionate about two things.  Firstly, we make sure we do what we say we are going to do for our customers – responding to all enquiries promptly and making sure customers receive what they are paying for on time and to a high standard.

Secondly, we do the right thing for the environment. 100% of our garden waste is composted and we take real pride in that.

We are also continually improving our systems to make everything user-friendly for our customers, and saving a few trees by emailing invoices, if possible, and having good online systems.

Personally, I like being part of a New Zealand owned and run company … so put all that together and that’s why I’m still here after 15 years!”