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Greenfingers Garden Bags General Terms and Conditions

Greenfingers Garden Bags Ltd is a family owned and operated business that provides a professional cost-effective service designed to meet your needs.   To help us maintain excellent customer service we have outlined below what you can expect from Greenfingers and what we ask you to do in return so we can deliver that service.


General Information

Pre-paid Collection Service:  Our regular service is sold as an ongoing rental and collection service. To deliver a reliable ongoing service we will automatically invoice you in advance for your collections prior to your last prepaid collection.

Collection Start Time:  Our collections start from 7:00am on your collection day.  We will send you an email reminder the weekend before your collection day so you will know when our truck will be coming.  If we are ahead of schedule, we will come on-site and collect your product for you.

Collection dates:  For a list of collection dates or to get our latest calendar please log in online. Collections are usually made on the day indicated but may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control (eg Public holidays or weather events).

Public Holidays:  Dates for collections may vary for collections scheduled during the week in which there is a public holiday in your area.  Please check your email collection reminder as this will confirm the approximate collection day during these times.

Emergency Situations:  If you require an emergency collection and we can assist, you will need to call us and subject to staff availability, we can organise a collection within 48 hours. There is a premium charge please contact our office to discuss options.

Lost or damaged products:  You will be charged for lost or damaged bags ($25.00), frames ($40.00) or bins ($90.00) at the rates applicable at the time. 

Rural Services:  Due to operational restrictions and cost we cannot provide our service in some rural areas.

Moving house:  If you are moving to a serviceable area and want to continue your collection service you can do this by taking your product with you to your new address and contacting the office to update your new details.  If you would like our team to relocate this for you, a relocation fee will apply.

Online Orders:  Online orders are submitted electronically through the website. Once your order has been confirmed by Greenfingers you will be bound by a contract to purchase the services requested in your online order.  A request to alter your service order after your online order has been confirmed, will incur a fee.



Payments:  Our pricing is based on prompt payment. Payment is required within 14 days of receipt of our invoice.  To ensure continuous collections please keep your account up to date.  Collections paid in arrears will be charged at $2.00 extra per collection.

Preferred Payment:  Our preferred payment method is Direct Debit, Internet banking (or telephone banking). 

  • Payments made by cheque will incur a $1.00 cheque fee (to cover our processing costs).  Cheques to be sent to our P.O Box located at the bottom of the statement
  • Payments made by credit card will incur a 2.5% surcharge. (to cover charges by our credit card processor)
  • Payments can be made direct in to our bank account (as indicated at the bottom of the statement)   
  • We do not accept cash. Please do not pay directly to our drivers as they are in and out of the truck all day and have been targeted by thieves in the past.

Overdue accounts:  Where payment is refused or in the opinion of Greenfingers Garden Bags Ltd, unduly delayed, the service will be cancelled and the account passed to a credit collection agency. Greenfingers Garden Bags Ltd reserves the right to charge an administration fee for this action, in addition to any fee charged by the collection agency.


Cancellation of Service

Cancellation of Service:  Please advise us if you no longer require the services we provide to avoid us continuing to service your address and to prevent extra charges to you.  Phone or email us confirming when your last collection is required, no later than 3.00pm Friday prior to your next collection week.  Your standard collection fee will apply for this removal.  If you require the service to finish urgently, an emergency removal fee will apply and we will send a vehicle to remove our product within 48 hours (subject to staff availability). 

Un-used Collections:  We do not refund unused collections.  However if you are moving, and have any prepaid collections at the time you need to cancel our service, you can transfer them to any other property (or customer) within our collection area.  Your unused collections are transferable but not refundable and expire 90 days after your last service.

Early Cancellation of Service:  If we deliver your product and you decide not to have the service and cancel prior to your first collection, a $30.00 charge will apply to cover our costs.

Greenfingers Garden Bags Limited:  Reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions if and when necessary and will be displayed at