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Plan, prune, plant, pick, water, weed, wonder, spray, sow, soak, collect, compost, control, mulch, mark, mull, heap, haul, harvest … but, above all, enjoy.

A gardener’s work is never done, and that’s the beauty of it;
that’s its eternal delight.

Summer Tips

December, January, and February

We all look forward to pohutukawa bursting with red blooms and the promise of long, hot days to enjoy our gardens.


  • Pests and diseases need to be controlled
  • If the weather is dry, keep the hose close at hand


  • Mulch can be a great friend in a dry January
  • Watering is a must
  • Enjoy all the life that is bursting out across the garden.


  • Typically the hottest month of the year
  • Pests are busiest now
  • Watering is a must