Plan, prune, plant, pick, water, weed, wonder, spray, sow, soak, collect, compost, control, mulch, mark, mull, heap, haul, harvest … but, above all, enjoy.

A gardener’s work is never done, and that’s the beauty of it;
that’s its eternal delight.

Winter Tips

June, July and August

This is a great time to plan, to reorganize, to prepare new areas, to take stock, to study and to pause.  Look back
at the year and be clear about what went well and what needs to be done differently.

More than any other season, it’s a time to pick your days, making use of the many excellent days that even
a long winter affords the gardener.


  • Winter pruning
  • Dig-over vacant ground
  • Feed in manure, compost and other soil builders
  • Repair, reorganise and prepare for spring
  • Apply mulch in areas prone to frost to protect tender perennials
  • Study


  • A good time to plant new fruit trees
  • Winter pruning
  • Clear away old crops
  • Sow selected species of peas, broad beans, potatoes, cabbages, cauliflowers, etc.


  • It’s not without risk, but August is often a good time to start spring planting.  All going well, it gets the garden off to a fast start.