Plan, prune, plant, pick, water, weed, wonder, spray, sow, soak, collect, compost, control, mulch, mark, mull, heap, haul, harvest … but, above all, enjoy.

A gardener’s work is never done, and that’s the beauty of it;
that’s its eternal delight.

Spring Tips

September, October, and November

We start to experience milder temperatures which trigger growth in our gardens and orchards.
Gardeners start to see the benefits of the preparations they have made in the winter months
and will enjoy a more active phase of gardening.


  • A big focus on the spring plantings and an eye on planning the summer garden.
  • A busy time for thinning, dividing, replanting.
  • Check your plants and know what you fungicides and other sprays may be required.
  • Perhaps the busiest month for vegetable planting and sowing.


  • Thinning crops
  • Stake plants, where necessary
  • React to pests quickly.


  • Get ready for summer and all the annuals
  • Thin crops and be vigilant for weeds.